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Weig Chiropractic Center: Your Trusted Charlotte Chiropractor for Life


We're glad you've chosen to visit the official website for Weig Chiropractic Center. Our trusted Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Toby Weig, looks forward to helping you and your loved ones overcome pain and achieve your best health through optimal musculoskeletal and neurological function. Our non-surgical, drug-free techniques represent the state of the art in conservative care, all in the service of one goal -- to make you feel better fast.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Auto Accidents and More

If you've been searching for an alternative to major surgical procedures, heavy injections or potentially dangerous medications, you've found it at Weig Chiropractic Center. We're able to provide safe, effective, non-surgical treatment options for a wide range of health problems, including:

  • Degenerative joint conditions such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica, leg pain, arm pain and other effects of nerve impingement
  • Back and neck pain due to acute injuries or chronic conditions
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Our status as one the most advanced chiropractic clinics in Charlotte greatly enhances our ability to provide these non-invasive services. Our cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatment technologies facilitate our ability to offer:

  • Diagnostic techniques - We use a combination of advanced diagnostic technologies and sheer expertise to pinpoint the underlying cause of your discomfort or ill health, from radiography to a technique called Surface Electromyography which measures spinal nerve and muscle activity.
  • Chiropractic care - Chiropractic care can identify and correct vertebral subluxations and other spinal alignment issues that affect every aspect of your well-being, from nerve function to systemic health.
  • Spinal decompression - Our non-surgical spinal decompression techniques can relieve back pain, neck pain, extremity symptoms and other problems caused by herniated discs and other degenerative spinal conditions.
  • Soft tissue therapies - We offer massage therapy, cold laser therapy and a variety of physiotherapy techniques to help soft tissues heal faster, feel better and regain their flexibility.
  • Nutritional counseling - Our nutritional counseling can help you fuel your body with what it needs to rebuild itself and maintain optimal function.
  • Rehabilitative exercises - Auto accidents, sports injuries and other acute health events often call for rehabilitative exercises to get the body working properly again. We can devise a personalized exercise program to help you heal.

Our Charlotte Chiropractor Cares About Your Health

You'll find our Charlotte chiropractor to be a caring, experienced, highly-skilled practitioner with a genuine interest in tending to the medical needs of both individual patients and the Charlotte community. Dr. Weig has been improving and maintaining the health of area residents since 2000. His special training in variety of disciplines and techniques makes him an invaluable partner in your quest to get well.

Come and visit Weig Chiropractic Center to see whether we're a good fit for your needs. We'll be happy to diagnose your condition and discuss all the details of your care -- with no further obligation if you decide to go elsewhere for treatment. Call 704-596-9400 for a consultation, and discover why so many Charlotte residents rely on our natural healing solutions!

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