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Back Pain

Auto Accidents: Upper and Lower Back Pain

Auto accidents, which are the leading cause of injury in the United States, can cause a variety of injuries, from a few bruises to permanent disability and death. If you are suffering from the repercussions of an auto accident, consider scheduling a free evaluation with Dr. Toby Weig, of Weig Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, North Carolina.

male patient with back pain after an auto accident with chiropractor

Common Auto Accident Injuries       

The impact of a car accident can cause muscle strains and ligament sprains from over-stretching. Commonly, auto injuries may result in upper and lower back pain, head and neck injuries, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, bulging or herniated discs, pinched nerves and improper spinal joint movement.  

Symptoms of Auto Accident Injuries

Surprisingly, the symptoms of upper and lower back pain are not always clear. They can range from mild to severe, and progress slowly or start suddenly.

Common symptoms of lower back pain include a dull ache, stinging or burning down the back of the thighs, muscle spasms and difficulty walking or standing. Upper back or neck injuries symptoms are usually headaches, neck and shoulder pain or stiffness and numbness.

Sometimes, the symptoms of an injury don’t present right away. Because an auto accident is such a confusing a traumatic time, this delayed reaction may be your body’s way of protecting you from the pain associated with your injuries.

How Chiropractic Care Can Manage Pain from Auto Accidents

The goal of a chiropractor is to reduce inflammation and pain through manual manipulations. This may include repetitive hand thrusts that are used to adjust and align the spine. Chiropractic care can improve mobility and reduce stiffness in a patient suffering from auto accident injuries, including upper or lower back pain. A chiropractor may use massage therapy to relieve any muscle spasms and increase blood flow to the area, which in turn promotes healing.

How Weig Chiropractic Center Evaluates and Treats Your Injuries

At Weig Chiropractic Center, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools, which help us to understand the cause of your pain and treat it more effectively. Using holistic techniques, we can help you recover from lingering back pain with chiropractic care, spinal decompression, massage therapy and more. At your initial appointment, our chiropractor provides you with a comprehensive examination, including a review of your health history, and develops an individualized treatment plan. We give our patients thoroughly detailed explanations and answer any questions, including those related to insurance coverage and other extraneous costs, with no charge or obligation.

Contact Our Charlotte Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

For more information on back pain relief or to schedule your appointment, call Weig Chiropractic Center in Charlotte, North Carolina at 704-596-9400.