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Sciatica Pain Relief from our Charlotte Chiropractor 

When it comes to back and leg pain, one of the most misunderstood causes is sciatica.  The discomfort it generates can be so severe or so chronic that it interrupts many daily activities for some sufferers.  Fortunately, customized treatment from our Charlotte chiropractor can help patients who visit our Weig Chiropractic Center achieve effective relief without medication or surgery.

Sciatica Pain Relief at Weig Chiro

Causes and Symptoms

Back discomfort ranks second among the reasons for visits to medical offices. Healthcare experts predict that at some point, up to 80 percent of the U.S. population will experience back-related issues.

Sciatica is not a single disorder.  It is a sign of a health issue affecting the lower part of the spine and the sciatic nerve. This nerve is one of the longest in the body and runs from the lower spine through the buttocks, then through each leg.

Sciatic symptoms appear after compression of this nerve. One frequent cause is a slipped or herniated disk that triggers a radiating, painful sensation along the nerve. However, even a seemingly minor misalignment in a patient’s lumbar spine can be the cause of discomfort in various parts of the body.

One common belief is that this condition always follows some type of trauma. In fact, a number of things can be culprits:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Arthritis
  • Age-linked wear and tear
  • Injuries during sports
  • Car accidents

Sciatic discomfort differs among patients. However, the three symptoms our doctor most often sees include:

  • Throbbing sensations
  • Numbness
  • Radiating or burning sensations that run all the way down the legs

How Chiropractic Treats Sciatica

Doctors of chiropractic are ideally suited to understand sciatica thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the structure and the function of the human body.  This allows them to create customized treatment plans for each patient.  The focus of treatment is removing the cause of discomfort, which is spinal misalignment.

Once our chiropractor has pinpointed any instances of misalignment, he will recommend therapy that typically includes adjustments combined with complementary treatments such as these:

  • Manual medicine
  • Physiotherapy exercises
  • Changes in lifestyle for optimal health
  • Massage therapy

As long as a patient still has a spinal misalignment, the sciatic nerve will remain compressed.  The individual will continue to experience radiating sensations that run the along the nerve. Proactive treatment seeks to reduce compression on the sciatic nerve and to make sure that the lumbar spine is correctly aligned. Our goal is helping patients regain their active lives using natural methods, without the use of medications or surgery.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Charlotte Chiropractor

Don’t let sciatica pain disrupt your lifestyle. Our chiropractor, Dr. Toby Weig, provides a full range of services designed to optimize your health. Our clinic is one of the most advanced in the Charlotte area and features state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Call us at the Weig Chiropractic Center today at 704-596-9400 to schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation and to return to the lifestyle you love.