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Back Pain

Back Pain Relief From Your Charlotte Chiropractor

Back pain is a common medical complaint for men, women and even teens. Without proper treatment, symptoms can become chronic, interfering with daily routines and turning even simple activities into painful chores. Because the back is so complex, treating back pain effectively takes skill and experience, as well as a deep understanding of the underlying biomechanics of the back when it’s at rest and during movement. As a top-rated chiropractor in Charlotte, Dr. Toby Weig treats back pain with holistic, innovative approaches tailored to each patient’s specific needs for long-term, effective relief.

Back Pain

What are the most common causes of back pain?

Your back includes a lot of structures - bones, joints, muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments, just to name a few. Back pain can develop when any one of these structures becomes injured or strained. Some of the most common causes of back pain are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Slip-and-all accidents
  • Repetitive stress or movements, like lots of bending and lifting
  • Poor posture or poor ergonomics at work
  • Overuse and muscle strain
  • Pregnancy
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Spending a lot of time sitting or standing

Often, back pain is caused by a slipped or bulging disc. Your discs are spongy “shock absorbers” located between your spine bones (vertebrae). Sometimes, a disc can slip out of its normal position and extend beyond the edge of a bone, pressing on nerves and causing irritation and inflammation. In herniated discs, some of the disc’s gel-like contents can leak out, increasing irritation.

Because a slipped disc presses on nerves, you can have pain in your back and anywhere along the nerve pathway. Sciatica is a common type of low back pain that occurs as a result of a slipped or herniated disc in the lumbar (lower) spine. In addition to pain in your back, you can also have pain, tingling, and numbness in your hips, buttocks and legs.

And finally, some types of back pain are caused by underlying conditions like arthritis or scoliosis. Often, back pain involves more than one issue. Determining the underlying cause is critically important for ensuring you receive the best treatment for your needs.

How does a chiropractor treat back pain?

A chiropractor is trained in diagnosing and treating nerve and musculoskeletal injuries. At Weig Chiropractic Center, your treatment begins with a hands-on evaluation of your symptoms to determine the source of your pain. X-rays or other diagnostic imaging might be ordered to obtain in-depth information that can help guide treatment or rule out specific causes. Once the cause is identified, the next step is usually a spinal adjustment to help realign your vertebrae and your discs, relieving nerve compression and irritation and re-establishing normal balance in and around the spine.

In addition to adjustments, massage and physical therapy can be very helpful in promoting circulation necessary for natural healing, as well as for helping promote flexibility and strength in the back. Plus, Dr. Weig can provide you with the lifestyle guidance and advice you need to develop healthy habits that can help prevent back pain from recurring.

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